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  • Auto programs and 3 Personal Preference Programs
  • LED Display for easy operating
  • ¬†customizable massage modes – kneading, vibrating, rolling, heating programs motors, 80W power,
  • AC-220-240V | 15-minute Auto shut-off feature | 1-year brand warranty


Design: Massager

This Leg massager has very flexible. You will feel like someone kneading my legs and that gives you a professional spa-like experience. Best lifelong foot massager machine and calf in India

This is a special technique rollers foot massager machine. The rollers roll your foot and effectively squeeze of your foot pain from ankles.legs of foot massager come with the option of heat and vibrations in it based on personal preferences.

Following are the options also to choose the dedicated area of the body which you want to massage or where your pain such as foot and calf, foot, calf. Relax and exercise yourself anywhere in a world, full of stress with this foot massager. The foot massager helps you to relax.

It also helps in relieving the stress by working on footpoints and legs and carves our body. Stress ensures the blood flow to calves, legs and vibration relaxes tired muscles where is the point of pain.

Extra features: Lifelong Foot Massager is based on customizable massage with 4-mode these are kneading, vibrating, rolling and heating programs which are based on reflexology massage therapy that helps in relieving the muscle of tension and aids better good blood circulation or pressure.minute Automatic Shut-off button present in it. The Lifelong Leg and helps you in relaxation, to Maintains Blood Pressure, strengthens muscles, and many more improve balance and flexibility in your life. Best lifelong foot massager machine and calf in India.

Its performance

This Lifelong Leg and Foot Massager is a total complete massaging legs solution that provides extreme relaxation and removes or displaced all the stress from your leg and feet of your foot. It is the best way to a one-stop solution to get rid of the tiredness from your body.

Focus on acupressure Points

This Lifelong Foot and Calf Massager is working on the principle of acupressure which is effectively stimulate the foot acupuncture point which helps in pain relief of foot and improves the circulation and also helps in quick recover for over-stressed from feet, and restore the muscles after long periods of standing by feet and this massage product that helps to use at home or work.

About Lifelong company

the lifelong is a part of a 25-year-old diversified Lifelong group of company. This company is committed to providing a better quality of products across all the categories namely home, personal care, kitchen and wellness.

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