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  • The material of the product Mixed, Color: Multicolor
  • Borosil Akhand Diya large brass for puja room in India
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Borosil Akhand Diya (Brass)
  • Ideal for creating a calm, meditative atmosphere in your puja room, Borosil,s
  • Akhand Diyas are a great choice for gifting or personal use
  • Product Dimensions: diameter 9.4 cm and height 13 cm
  • Wet the Diya with water, sour with pitambari powder for extra shine
  • wash well under running water, wipe clean with a dry cloth
  • Do not use steel wool or wire mesh for cleaning
  • Always clean glass with a sponge and liquid soap
  • Does not get hot even after long hours of repeated burning
  • Is designed to allow easy cleaning and refilling of oil
  • Has increased clarity and emits brighter light due to the high quality of glass
  • Unlike regular glass, will not crack even after repeated usage
  • Is extra resistant to thermal shock


Akhand Diya for Puja!

In this Diwali do something new in your puja rooms by borosil Diya.The heat and crack resistance due to clay diya and more pollutants.Borosil Akhand Diya large brass for puja room in India

Why Borosil Diya

Why Borosil Diya because in this diya there is no crackers sound when you will burn Diya in your Puja Room and you do puja with peaceful and incessant burning for long hours of yours diya, and also this diya can not get heated up after a long time.Borosil Akhand Diya large brass for puja room in India

It is emitting brighter light looking very wonderful and It is safe for use compared with open-flamed diyas by hand very easily. This Diya is made up of Glass composition and it is extremely durable even by mistake by hand

It does not look like crack resistance. Which allows you to use it everywhere on a daily basis. This Borosil best product available online at a very cheap price and the Borosil medium diya design is looking very attractive when you will burn in a puja Room and this diya price is not very high you can buy for personal use or for gifting purposes also as you wish.

Easy to open all the parts of this Borosil Diyas for use and clean.In this Borosil diya there is well designed for whip the cotton,refilling oil and cleaning purpose. When you burn Diya,It emits or sprinkle like stars and brighter light due to the increased clarity which is provided by the best quality of glass.

When they come like Strom or any kind of wind in your rooms the flame of the brass diya will not get off even when the fan is also on, because the diya comes with a lid on it. When we are using Diya after some days there are layers of dust paste on it. If you soak the diya in pitambari powder and a flash of water on it, it will shine again and look like a new one. You can easily clean the surface of its glass with liquid soap and sponge 

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